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Content by: MSgt Merrill A. "Butch" Vaughan, USAF (Ret)
Pittsfield, NH

Welcome to my site. This is done so that other veterans know they are not alone in fighting the VA and to let non veterans know what is going on in our battles with the VA and other Government agencies. I hope the information is useful to all who read it. Feel free to pass it on to veterans and non veterans alike. This site has been devised to assist veterans in their quest for obtaining information to questions they might have for obtaining assistance from federal agencies. I have included some as links at the end of this site. Also, you will find links for different veterans organizations to include POW/MIA, WIMSA and my previous attempts to making a web site (not pretty but they got the word out non the less.) Feel free to pass this on and if you want, sign my guest book at the bottom of this site. About me: I retired as a Master Sergeant (E-7) after serving over 21 years in the Air Force. I served in aircraft maintenance, Personnel and also as a acting First Sergeant. I am now disabled and have been fighting the VA since July 1996 for my 100%. Some of the comments made by two doctors at the Cheyenne VA caused the Social Security to deny me my SSD benefits that I applied for. (These comments (and others) can be read at my first web site by clicking the link below.)

"We are dealing with veterans not procedures; With their problems, not ours"
Omar Bradley Administrator of Veterans Affairs 1945 - 1947

The Next War
This is not about a war with guns, planes, tanks & ships. It is not about a foreign enemy, not in a far away land. this is about when veterans come home, some from a shooting war, others that come home from just serving their country. It is about a fight that is waged everyday, in every community that has a VA treatment center. Some war veterans have problems that are visible and others have wounds that cannot be seen (both mental and physical.) Yet, when they go for help at the nearest VA medical center, they place not only their physical health but their mental well being in jeopardy. This causes undue stress with family members and sometimes causing some to divorce their loved ones. Some VA doctors in the system seem to think that each and every person they deal with are identical. These doctors, while not in the majority of VA health care providers, are a part of the community that thinks if the problem cannot be identified, it must be mental (such as the case of Agent Orange from duty in South East Asia to Gulf War Syndrome from Desert Storm in 1991.) Note: The problems identified above are based on my own experiences with the VA, and two news reports that were aired on two Denver Colorado news TV channels. Some people feel that you do not bite the hand that feeds you (in this case the VA.) BUT, sometimes you have to nip at the hand in order to get their and everyone else's attention. That is the reason for this site.

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